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Update May 12st

-John is too lazy to update the website he promised to do!

-Planning many things for the summer


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The Mall has opened!

Stop wasting your time building a small shop in your house! It's time to get big. Start building your own shop in "The Mall"!

With the opening of this grand project we now offer you the chance to get a huge empty shop for absolutely 0.0 GP! That's right, just head on over to the mall and you will get a free plot to do whatever you want with. Just ask Brian (gameking57) and he will add you to your shop's protection.

How to get there you may ask? Just head on over to the Metrius Northern gate and keep on walking in a straight line until you hit a small bridge. Cross the bridge and you will end up at The Mall! Of course, you could always use /warp mall too!

So head on over to The Mall and claim your plot before it's too late!


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